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Friday, August 18, 2017


So you've read about Goolag® re-writing their search "algorithms" (one can almost call them "propagandithims" now, yep you heard that one hear first) to move highly searched terms (read inconvenient truth/fact) and information to "not" show normally, meaning instead of showing at the beginning of the list as the most relevant and most searched information, the hits are proactively moved to the end of the search generated, or not at all. Sounds like bullshit, right? Well I thought it might be a little far-fetched, alas I was being too kind. It really does just that.

I did a search between Goolag® and DuckDuckGo. The search term was "black on white crime statistics".

DuckDuckGo gave pretty much what I expectedFirst hit:

Black Crime Facts That The White Liberal Media Daren't Talk About - article describing what anyone who is paying attention already knows, the black on white crimes that are completely buried by the mainstream media unless they just can't get away with it, as in the case of the slightly mentally retarded boy kidnapped and tortured that the perpetrators posted on freaking Facebook Live. Who are the real retards there again?

Goolag® was surpriseFirst hit:

Race and Homicide in America, by the Numbers - article describing homicide statistics that conveniently not once mentions that these statistics are not factoring in the high numbers of the black homicides mentioned are coming from 15% of the demographic, because whitey.

Second Goolag® hit was even better:
2015 Hate Crime Statistics Released — FBI - article about hate crime statistics, a metric practically invented to make white people look bad, as we all know that POC are incapable of committing a "hate" crime, because whitey.

This article kindly brought to you by your friendly neighborhood tron3dfx! Kek!

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