Traitors Among Us

Stop the Refugee Program - Stop the Immigration - Stop the Invasion

Sunday, February 26, 2017


You've been blindsided by the commies and you don't even know it. First the voting franchise opened up to all and sundry. Then the education of your young hijacked by delusional, emotionally stunted incompetents and Those With An Agenda. Then your Culture was appropriated for its obvious benefits (for as much as the feminists and lefties and third-world barbarians say they hate us White Men, they SURE DO LIKE all the stuff we invent!) while the roots of that Culture are demeaned and excoriated until you're wholly embarrassed and ashamed to admit you're a White Man, and indeed further that you're a Christian who still believes in Jesus and God Himself!

Now the final piece of the puzzle: Invasion. Invasion by vast, uncontrolled immigration. A silent, gunless invasion, but an invasion all the same.

I know what some are thinking. Blindsided!?! Commies!?! Invasion!?! Sooooo 1950's! McCarthyism!

Looking at the current economic, social and political climates of today's Western Countries can anyone say with a straight face that things have gotten better than they were in say 1950? In 1950 White Christians were not being rapidly overwhelmed in their own states and cities, voluntarily welcoming their own replacements! Their children's replacements! France, Germany and Sweden are overrun, and most of them don't even know it yet. Here, in the great USA, we are not far behind, mostly it's a matter of perception and what is reported on CNN that makes everyone think it's not that bad yet. We can handle it, bring on more of those third-world muslim barbarians! Yea!

But it is that bad. Major newspapers, major networks (CNN, MSNBC et cetera) routinely bury stories of non-white on white crimes. Until the whole “fake news” meme started (which is just freaking awesome) most people had no clue how bad the under-reporting, the mis-reporting, the blatant ignoring of this kind of stuff was here in America. They still don't understand the breadth of it, but more and more at least have a clue, a hint that something is very wrong here, something that CNN will not talk about.

Most babies born in 2015–50.3%–according to a Census Bureau estimate–were non-white.

Can anyone imagine, in the entire history of Western Civilization before now, that the question of whether or not it is appropriate to allow, no demand, that men who claim they are really woman can lay claim to little girls bathrooms?

Could anyone have imagined years ago that a disturbingly significant portion of our white native citizens would welcome people who have declared war against the entire planet for the past 1500 years into our country? Bomb making skills travel you know. Sort of an extra carry-on bonus. Get it? Carry-on baggage haha

Does no one remember what happened to Rome? What happened to Spain?

And yet that is where we are, what we have allowed modern discourse to devolve into.

The so called progressive left claim to believe their way is better, that they, and only they, can usher in a New World Order of Global Pan-National Elitism the grand scope of which has never been seen before. They want to be the new Kings and Queens of the world, or at least the Dukes and Duchesses, only responsible to the top echelon. 

The rest will be serfs. Give them your labor, your sweat and most of all your money, and no back talk out of you! Only in the Bible do we find predictions of such Global Evil, that's something to give one pause.

I say Fuck the left. Don't Tread On Me and Mine.

It's very easy to say these things anonymously, in jeopardy of losing my job working for a large national corporation because I believe in the inherent goodness and superiority of Western Civilization. The fact that the very History of our World proves this belief correct doesn't even enter into the equation. Who knows the History of our World? Who can learn any more? Who is teachable anymore?

Learn Your History or Die!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Swedish Police Bring on the "Hate Speech"

Swedish Policeman might be charged with "inciting racial hatred" under Sweden's awesome free-speech laws!

Last week Peter Springare, police investigator and former deputy head of the division for serious crimes at the police in Örebro, made headlines after he wrote a Facebook post in which he detailed how the country was in “chaos” due to a never ending epidemic of serious crimes being committed by Muslim migrants.
Springare may now face charges under Sweden’s strict hate crime laws simply for accurately identifying the problem after he was reported to authorities over the remarks.

But of course everyone knows we have to bring more muslims into our countries because islam is a religion of peace! Yea!

Thursday, February 9, 2017


They're still missing the point. Target's stock has dropped severely since they announced the holy grail of LGBT politics: transgender bathrooms last April.

Target announced the end of two projects as the stock price hit $64.77 at market close on Feb. 8. That’s down from $83 when the boycott began once the company made its transgender policy change on April 19. The stock price drop has slashed roughly $10 billion from the company’s value on Wall Street.
10 billion down in value. Wow. And all they have to do is recognize reality, keep perverted men out of the little girls room and things would be peachy keen. Nope! Never one to let reality stand-in-the-way of perversion, SJW's demand, and then they receive 10 billion less! I'm not laughing here, really, I'm not.